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Barcode scanners are a part of our daily lives these days. As we begin the 21st century, we come into contact with a barcode scanner at least once a day. Products on a supermarket shelf, employee identification badges, drivers licenses, our automobile’s vehicle identification numbers are all examples of ‘every day barcode sightings’.LS4208

Symbol Technologies, the global leader in this area, is Industrial Labeling Systems ‘ ‘best in class’ business partner with regards to barcode scanners. Their leading-edge hardware technology coupled with Industrial Labeling Systems’ knowledge and experience in providing barcode scanning solutions offer a great resource to our customers.

How to buy barcode scanners
Since barcode scanners are readily available from a variety of sources and the technology has been around a while, why shouldn’t you be able to select the one that fits your budget from a catalog or a web site? It sounds like a good idea but in fact is a recipe for disaster.

DS3478Here are some questions you should be able to answer before you purchase a barcode scanner:

Which barcode symbology will you be scanning? Do you need an auto-discriminating scanner? What is the density of the barcode you will be scanning? Is there a chance the barcode density may change in the future? Will you connect the scanner to a PC or a dumb-terminal? Do you need keyboard emulation or RS-232 connection? What is the ambient lighting? What are the environmental conditions? Do you need a handheld or a fixed-station scanner? Will you be scanning a 4x6 shipping label or a small, curved label on a test tube? Which barcode scanning technology suits your application the best – laser, CCD, etc.? ...We can go on with similar questions....CCDH

Do it right the first time
Almost on a daily basis we receive calls from people who chose to purchase barcode scanners from catalog houses and now ask us help them ‘make it work’. Almost always, it will cost more to deviate back to what should have been done all along.

Our barcoding experts will work with you identify all relevant issues regarding your application and recommend the best scanner that fits your needs. We don’t charge you extra for helping you select the right product for your application so why not take advantage of our vast knowledge and experience and do it right the first time?


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