Labels & Ribbons

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Our ability to offer actual solutions to all labeling needs is what sets us apart from the competition. Our label-ribbon combinations will answer all your needs, regardless of your application.

When you need to label a product, you need a vendor who has extensive technical competence in label materials, necessary top-coats, adhesives and the matching ribbon formulation.  At Industrial Labeling Systems, we have many years of expertise with media solutions and offer labels and ribbons for all applications. 

Our label offerings take into consideration that “one size doesn’t fit all’’. Regardless of your print technology of choice, we have the media you need -Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Laser, Ink-Jet, Dot-Matrix.

Our expertise in selecting, specifying or engineering the right label as well as industry-wide alliances give us the maximum flexibility in solving an application.  When one of our labeling experts start working on an application, they will ask you many questions.  Once we identify everything there is to know about your application, we then move onto the solution while keeping in mind your concerns.  Whenever possible, we try to provide solutions that utilizes as many “off-the-shelf’’ components as possible.  However, at times, this is not possible.  We then turn to the custom manufactured solution. We can provide you with custom labels to match your needs. 

When you combine our printing systems with our outstanding labels and ribbons offerings, labeling and barcoding will be one of the easiest things you do!


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