Healthcare Solutions

ILS NiceLabel, the professional labeling software, can be easily customized for the use in healthcare systems. It is a user-friendly, reliable, system independent software solution that enables healthcare service providers to print bar code and RFID wristbands, labels or identification cards.

It adds the printing functionality to any Healthcare Information System (HIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS), or Pharmacy Information System (PIS). NiceLabel tools will make your system reliable, efficient, patient-safe and caregivers friendly.

A very important fact for implementation: you do not need and changes to the existing system to add printing functionality and no programming skills are needed.

NiceLabel fits like a glove to Healthcare solutions on many levels:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Product, semi product, specimen and shipment identification is a must Pharmaceutical Printingto comply with compliance rules in the process of medication production, distribution, labeling and packaging. ILS NiceLabel products already solve many of the issues in different parts of the world with products that are part of ILS NiceLabel Standard Series, ILS NiceLabel Enterprise Series. The choice of products depends on system requirements and standards that your company needs to comply with.


Medical Equipment Production

Applications are similar to the ones in the pharmaceutical industry – ILS NiceLabel Standard Series, NiceLabel Enterprise Series. The customization to your specific requirements and according to standards your company needs to comply with is very simple.

Patient Admittancewristband-pocketPC

More and more regulations require that patient wristbands are printed (in the United Kingdom, the NPSA demands all wristbands to be printed by 2009). Including the information in a barcode can add significant improvement to patient safety.

Integrated printing with ILS NiceWatch Enterprise HL7 Edition, custom applications with ILS NiceForm, optional desktop ILS NiceWatch (integrated but no HL7 support) make sure patients are properly identified every time.

Bloodbag Identification

bloodbagBloodbag labels can be compliant with ISBT128 standard and the user interface can be customized in such way that the medical staff will always label the blood in the right way. With NiceLabel Pro you will be able to create labels and optionally define Visual Basic scripts that will support ISBT128 or any other standard.


Tissue, Lab Specimen Identificationtesttube

Similarly as proper identification of patients, medical staff and bloodbags, proper labeling of tissue, lab specimen and other samples is essential for every caregiving organization.

Your particular needs and existing environment will be the basis upon which you will decide if you require integrated printing with ILS NiceWatch Enterprise HL7 Edition, custom applications with NiceForm or desktop NiceWatch (integrated but no HL7 support) for proper samples identification.


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