NiceWatch Enterprise

NiceWatch Enterprise is a centralized label printing middleware that integrates the label printing process into enterprise-level products, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WHS) and others. NiceWatch Enterprise is the integration middleware server for automated, high-throughput, multi-threaded label printing.

The NiceWatch Enterprise performs:

  • Multi-threaded label printing execution to ensure fast and stable operation in heavy load environments where many print requests happen simultaneously.
  • Remote administration to view list of triggers, start and stop triggers.
  • Centralized logging of executed actions.

NiceWatch Enterprise includes the following modules:

  • NiceWatch Server, installed on a server
  • NiceLabel Enterprise Print Manager, installed on a server.
  • NiceLabel Pro, installed on a client computer for label format design.

NiceWatch Enterprise
The NiceWatch Enterprise comes with the NiceLabel Enterprise Print Manager (EPM). The EPM allows for remote (web) administration of the NiceWatch Enterprise and is capable of capturing all central print events and log accordingly with a summary of label data and actions executed by the NiceWatch Server. The EPM provides printer status monitoring and print job management. Reprints from the print queues are also possible.

Additionally, common messaging and alarming (alerts) are available to administrators through the web interface. Technicians and administrators are able to support the label printing operations of the end user from any computer with Internet access.

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