Ideal for businesses and organizations that need to track 500 or more fixed assets.
RedBeam Asset Tracking provides (1) a complete fixed asset database, (2) the ability to easily keep asset records up to date and, (3) the ability to streamline the physical inventory process by up to 70%.

Keep asset records up to date and drastically cut the time it takes to conduct periodic physical inventories. Data fields include barcode ID, location, department, maintenance, purchasing, warranty, lease, depreciation, information technology and 50 other user definable fields. Popular features include role-based user security, the ability to attach images/files to asset records, and the ability to customize handheld display as well as run unfound asset reports on handheld device.

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Track consumable inventory levels and item movements in stockrooms, small warehouses, and within departments of larger organizations.

 RedBeam Inventory Tracking provides for (1) accurate consumable inventory visibility, (2) the ability to run reorder reports, and (3) the ability to take periodic physical inventories.

Keep inventory levels up to date and drastically cut the time it takes to conduct periodic physical inventories/cycle counts. Track item information including item ID, serial #, lot number, expiration date, item type, cost, stock min/max, and more. Popular features include role-based user security, flexible reporting, the ability to import item lists and export to MS Excel, and access to a historical log of all physical inventories.

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Efficiently track tools, file folders and equipment assigned to projects or individuals. RedBeam Check In/Check Out allows users to(1) easily determine who has an item, (2) to track items by project, and (3) to run overdue and usage reports.

Keep track of valuable circulating items using barcodes and the ID badges of employees, members, customers, or students. Drastically cut the time it takes to find items in storage or checked out to an individual. Data fields barcode ID, description, item type, unit of measure, manufacturer, model, serial number, status, and 5 other user defined fields. Set check out periods and overdue fees. Popular features include role-based user security, flexible reporting (including overdue and usage reports), reservation functionality and the
ability to scan many items at once.

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